Joe was my friend and although I never studied with him I was a huge admirer of his work. He used to bring his best students whenever I played in New York and I took this as a helluva compliment. Wish I knew more but he was the best - that I know!
-Phil Woods


Brian Axelrod

Michael Brecker

Stephen R. Cohen

Jon Gordon

Dave Liebman - Remembering the Master

Col Loughnan - The Allard Legacy
- Used with the permission of the Australian Clarinet and Saxophone Magazine

Victor Morosco - My First Lesson

Edward S. Palanker

Evan Tate - My Meeting with the Master


The only really great teacher I had was Joe Allard. He was the Dean of American saxophone teachers and a very inspiring guy. He was a genius at getting people to play in a correct, but very natural way.
-Bob Berg
(From JazzReview Interview)